Excellence Award Consultancy

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Excellence Awards Consultancy

The federal government, as well as local governments, have been encouraging businesses to provide the residents as well as for export, high-quality products, and services so that the country and emirate could become a "trust" point. This increases reliability and generates better exports and less dependency on imports.

QM Consultants - Making it easy for you

QM Consultants can combine many management systems to generate a specific management system that includes ISO, Six Sigma, 5S, and EFQM. Our consultants have practical experience in these systems and our consultants would be able to generate the right system and implement the same so that your award is assured.

QM Consultants - Why us?

You should rely on us for guiding you for award consultancy because;

We have had more than 5 years of successful experience

We have in-depth consultancy experience in the implementation of best practices based management systems including ISO, EFQM, Kaizen, and Six Sigma


We know various award schemes 

We would provide you with the most prudent advice that would get the awards by actual excellence at the workplace

Our consultancy approach is ethical


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