Hospitality Managements Consultancy

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Hospitality Management Consultancy

Hospitality as a vertical includes everything from food to guest experience. It also includes things like housekeeping, security, infrastructure, and food serving, etc. You will find hospitality inside a passenger aircraft, hotels, restaurants, and events, etc. The ultimate aim of hospitality management is to run a complete system that smoothly surrounds the guest to win guests' confidence and loyalty

QM Consultants - Making it easy for you

QM Consultants has a variety of products like hospitality training, preparing and implementing hospitality SOPs, Aligning your hospitality sector with a sustainability model, and Hospitality related surveys, etc. Our in-house experts have experience in GCC and India to offer you immense advisory services to suit your operations, your location, and your customer. It is easy for you to hire us because we provide solutions that are not generic or "cut and paste". We believe in working with your team closely making sure that the systems and solutions work for you.

QM Consultants - Why us?

Hospitality consultancy from QM Consultants starts with identifying the right location for your venture, pricing as well researching data on customers' preferences. We also organize food tasting before a restaurant is launched. Our Food Control consultants will be there to advise on portion sizes, quantities as well as raw material. We also organize certifications and approvals for your upcoming restaurants. Getting approval for your kitchen/ production is the most important asset and it needs special approvals. We would, as part of our consultancy services help you in the approval processes. These are very unique services and we also include;



Certifications like HACCP/ ESMA/ ISO22000


Train your staff in hygiene as well as service


SOP documentation, training, and implementation (SOPs for Housekeeping/ Food & Beverages and Front office included)


Marketing and Communication


Getting satisfaction surveys done 


Continual improvement

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