HR Consultancy

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What is HR Consultancy


HR management is very important for any management system. But most companies of Smaller/ Medium size, do not have enough budget to have a fully-fledged HR department and this results in huge challenges in making human resource productive, efficient and committed. QM Consultants can provide you with complete HR support through its in house HR experts,


QM Consultants - Making it easy for you


QM Consultants make HR management easy for you. Call us to know how we support yours business from the right Hire to Right Retention.  Our commitment is make sure that you have policies, procedures and ongoing performance management support so that you continue to provide service excellence to your customers and your business remain sustainable.


QM Consultants - Why us?


QM Consultants take HR very seriously as it is a core "support" function in all management system model. Our expansive service catalogue for HR includes;


      Bringing complete clarity in the type of skills and competencies that an organization requires to be sustainable


      Establish simple and easy to follow procedures for all processes of HR; from Intake to exit


      Provide industry and category specific bench-marking for better retention


      Advise on compensation package 


     Comprehensive solution for Back Ground Verification (BGV)


     Prepare various procedures related to HR department from Hite to Exit


     Prepare proper RACI matrix in relationship to all activities (Operational/ Quality/ Health and safety/ Information management and much more.)


     Advisory on legal compliance in relation to latest labor laws


    Conduct third party employee satisfaction surveys


    Implement HR best practices including reward system


    Support in developing complete digital HRM solution 

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