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Training and Training Services


QM Consultants provide plethora of training programs to SME corporates. It is to ensure that business assurance people in the company have the required skills. QM Consultants provide a variety of skill development training programs as well as organizing trainers and support activities in order to ensure that training programs are effective.


QM Consultants - Making it easy for you


To conduct a successful training program require not only a good trainer but also the right environment, coordination, course material, post training accreditations and in many cases even test and exams. QM Consultants has organized more than 120 training programs, workshops and mentoring sessions for its clients who have benefited immensely. 


QM Consultants - Why us?


QM Consultants offer comprehensive training programs that are listed here. Most of these training programs are conducted by inhouse experts who also are advisors and consultants. The dual roles give them a unique edge as they can relate subject matter with real life examples and make learning easier. 


Our training methodolgy is built around Adult Learning System and incroporates such techniques as;


    fully examples driven

    has lot of participants' data to substatiate 

    conducted in mostly tension free environment 

    has lot of games and case studies

    There are session breakouts where mentoring happens


Our training services include;


    Training needs assessment

    Organising trainers 

    Manage Trainer iterirery

    Coordinate for participants attendance

    Organise certifications and accreditations

    Follow ups

    Training feedbacks etc

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