Asset Managements

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Asset Management

Asset management is primarily the responsibility of the top management. It is a process-approach based system of keeping track of all assets (movable/ non-movable) that are vital to the company's operations and sustainability. It is of vital importance that the tracking system is reliable, real-time, and beneficial.

QM Consultants - Making it easy for you

Many companies leave to the finance department to track assets. This makes the asset tracking system in a simple "when bought" to "what is the depreciation value"? But QM Consultants have a ready-made Asset Management Solution that is based on the principles of ISO 55001. It is a system that has been put to use successfully in many a client.

QM Consultants - Why us?

For QM Consultants, anything that you use for your day-to-day operations is an asset. Be it a tool or a computer or equipment, everything has to be accountable systematically. No broken tool should be forgotten or no "out of service" equipment should lie around un-tracked or un-monetized. Asset tracking for QM means, even maintenance tracking, Leased Asset Tracking, Asset Transfer and Asset sale, etc.

QM Consultants shall advise and guide you in;

  • Identifying all assets including leased, owned, IT, Books, Software, and every other asset that you use
  • Develop processes and procedures to help you in identifying assets, movement of assets, maintenance of assets, and Real-time tracking of the whereabouts of assets
  • Help choose or develop a cloud-based asset management software that fits your processes, your objectives, and your budget
  • Ensure proper implementation of the software for asset tracking
  • Regularly audit the management system of asset tracking \
  • Continuously improve the system with new "apps"

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