Post Testimonial

Thanks for getting my company ISO certified. It was a great experience working with QM Consultants. The service, professionalism and speed with which you executed our request were absolutely amazing, we would highly recommend your company to anyone needing ISO services and other services that you provide.

06 September, 2021

Faheem Mughal
The whole process demonstrated a highly professional service which exceeded our expectations with immense success. Thanks to QM Consultants for getting certified my organization with ISO 9001

31 August, 2021

Mohamed Elsayed
On behalf of Arizona Investments Limited, and as the Facilities Manager, I would like to thank QM Consultant for providing exceptional consultancy service to us. As a business we strive in delivering a strong Corporate Social Responsibility culture which includes reducing our negative impact on the Environment.The key factors for choosing to work with QM Consultants, was solely due to personal attributes and in-depth knowledge, experience, and dedication. I am grateful for your approach and the tailored delivery of your services in meeting our needs to produce and implement a system to meet environmental standard ISO 14001.

09 April, 2020