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What is Business Assurance Consultancy – Management 


Managing a business in the ever-changing world is big challenge and many SME owners/ top management have realized that they need help in putting strong policies, procedures and required checks and balances in place so that business they run becomes profitable and sustainable. Sometimes, they require additional heads for monitoring, control and strategising. 


QM Consultants - Making it easy for you


Business Management Consultancy by QM Consultants means having board buddy with you. Our experts who have worked some of the best MNCs bring wealth of experience to apply the lessons to local scenario. Away from the humdrum of jargon, our Business Management Consultants provide you with real advise, real implementable plans and real monitoring of processes, people and results.


QM Consultants - Why us?


QM Consultants have experts who have in depth knowledge of  Business Assurance System which is one of the best ways to manage business. They have proven record of changing the course of businesses that were going southwards. Their knowledge in such varied management principles like Kaizen, Six  Sigma and EFQM comes handy while trouble shooting a tough situation. They prefer us because;


    Our management consultants speak in easy-to-understand language 

    Each module of Business Management Consultancy includes proper training to staff

    Business Management Consultancy from QM always starts with goal setting so that our clients get pre-determined results

    Advising and consulting is based on proven management systems like Quality Management System (QMS from ISO0, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean Management and EFQM (European      Foundation for Quality Management)

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