ERP Leadership

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ERP Leadership

A lot of companies go for ERP blindfold resulting into huge cost and time overrun. The SMEs have challenges in understanding the capabilities and boundaries of ERP system they are buying. Mostly they look at ERP as solution for everything. Once the project gets started, they come to realize that they are actually buying a monster that needs to be tamed. 70% of ERP implementations fail to succeed and that is a conservative figure!

QM Consultants - Making it easy for you

As ERP experts, we provide the right leadership to the project and become the main hub for the ERP project. Right from pre-sale to post sale successful handing over we manage the project for you through strict timelines. You do not need to appoint an in house expert to work with outside developed or vendor. We would talk their talk and ensure full customisation of the ERP to suit the needs and requirements of your organization.

QM Consultants - Why us?

After delivering more than 20 ERP projects as project implements, we have in depth experience in managing ERP projects. The most difficult period is understanding the scope and assess the risks. Then comes the period of interaction between various process owners and the developer/ implementation team. To make things complicated, no party maintains any documentation of anything, resulting in acrimonious relationship. We would do the following for a smooth flow of project;



    Ensure that scope of the ERP is fully understood and agreed upon


    Commercials are signed off 


    Conduct a ore-training for process owners to minimise fears of ERP and get their buy-in


    Put up a meeting and communication plan


    Document every meeting, changes in design, test data, results as well as requests for modifications


    Put up a data migration plan


    Mediate during all inter-departmental coordination


    Handing over the entire system, documentation, test data results, focus test data

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