Food Safety Managements

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Food Safety Management


Food Business is an amazing business. It is profitable and satisfying. But, it is full of potential risks. Due to food poisoning, many people suffer and many die too. Food poisoning happens if anything goes wrong in the entire value of food intake, from farm to feed!

QM Consultants - Making it easy for you


If you are in a food-related business and feel that your current system has gaps then you should call us. We have food safety consultants who have not only in-depth experience in handling food management systems like ISO22000, FSSC, and BRC, etc to suggest you everything from the right SOPs to the right manpower and also enable you to buy from the right sources. 


QM Consultants - Why us?


Food Safety is different than Food Safety Management System. Because Food Safety Management system is a systematic approach of managing all processes, people and resources to not only make food safely but assure the interested parties that safety is a part of the commitment from the management. QM Consultants shall;


Suggest various design options and get approval done


Suggest you on various approved supplies and suppliers


Make Food Safety Policy as per the scope of operations


Train staff in various aspects of hygiene and safety


Make applicable laws available to you so that your food safety management is within the legal limits


Make various templates and forms to capture relevant data


At QM Consultants, our microbiologists will also advise you further on;


Flow Diagrams


Food Expiration


Food Recall


Temperature and time controls


Managing the food chemicals in the food

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