ISO 28000:2022

Service Code : Elevating Security in the Global Supply Chain



In an interconnected world where the movement of goods and materials is essential for businesses to thrive, ensuring the security of the global supply chain is of paramount importance. ISO 28000, an international standard, was developed to address this critical need. Titled "ISO 28000: Specification for security management systems for the supply chain," it provides a systematic approach to managing security risks and enhancing the resilience of supply chain operations. In this expert blog, we will explore the key aspects of ISO 28000 and how it can significantly

contribute to a safer and more efficient global supply chain.

Understanding ISO 28000

ISO 28000 is a globally recognized standard that offers a framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving a security management system within the supply chain. The standard's focus extends across the entire supply chain network, from manufacturers and logistics providers to retailers, ensuring that each link in the chain contributes to a more secure global trade ecosystem.

Key Principles of ISO 28000

Risk-Based Approach:
ISO 28000 advocates for the identification, assessment, and management of security risks within the supply chain. This entails a systematic analysis of vulnerabilities and potential threats, helping organizations prioritize and allocate resources effectively.

Integrated Security:
The standard emphasizes the integration of security measures into the organization's day-to-day operations. This means that security considerations are woven into processes, decision-making, and communication, fostering a proactive and comprehensive approach to security.

Compliance and Legal Requirements:
ISO 28000 encourages compliance with international legal and regulatory requirements related to supply chain security. It also supports alignment with other standards and best practices to ensure a robust security management system.

Continual Improvement:
Organizations implementing ISO 28000 are expected to engage in continual improvement of their security management system. This involves the ongoing review of performance, regular audits, and a commitment to enhancing security measures.

Benefits of ISO 28000

Enhanced Security:
ISO 28000 provides a structured and systematic approach to identifying, mitigating, and managing security risks. This leads to an overall enhancement of security within the supply chain, reducing vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.

Supply Chain Resilience:
By addressing security risks and vulnerabilities, organizations can bolster their supply chain resilience. This helps in maintaining the flow of goods even in the face of disruptions, such as natural disasters or security incidents.

Improved Stakeholder Confidence:
Complying with ISO 28000 demonstrates a commitment to supply chain security, which can instill confidence in customers, partners, and stakeholders. It can also be a competitive advantage when dealing with security-conscious clients.

Cost Savings:
Enhanced security can lead to cost savings by reducing the likelihood of security incidents, theft, or damage. Additionally, it can streamline operations by minimizing disruptions and delays.

International Recognition:
ISO 28000 is internationally recognized and respected, making it easier for organizations to communicate their security commitment to partners and customers on a global scale.


ISO 28000 is a vital tool for organizations operating in the global supply chain, providing a comprehensive framework for managing security risks and enhancing the resilience of supply chain operations. By focusing on a risk-based approach, integrated security, compliance, and continual improvement, businesses can ensure a safer and more efficient global trade ecosystem. In a world where supply chain security is a critical concern

ISO 28000 serves as a valuable resource for organizations looking to establish a robust security management system and protect their operations.

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