ISO Standards' Consultancy

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What is ISO Standards' Consultancy?


In a globalised world of today, your customers are everywhere and they all want an assurance that you are the most suitable partner for their requirements. They are looking out for evidence that you have confirmed certifications to back up your assurances. ISO as an international body has published scores of such standards which your business can follow in order to achieve high degree of conformity so that certificate can be awarded by a recognized accreditation body.


QM Consultants - Making it easy for you


QM Consultants have got expert consultants who have in-depth knowledge in various ISO standards and have the skill set to advise, guide and support so that you get the coveted accreditation. The consultants from QM Consultants are chosen from relevant fields and MUST have at least 15 years of experience in and this ensures width and depth of consultancy.


QM Consultants - Why us?


We have been consulting since 2005 and getting stronger, younger and better. Wherever you are in the Middle East, we can be counted to be within reach. What separates us from the others is our passion and our philosophy of making things easier for our clients. This approach really works for SMEs who have severe challenges in finding and keeping dedicated in-house experts. Choose us because;


    We provide you easy translation of the requirements for any of the standards listed below


  •     We not only consult but also hold your hands during the entire implementation stage


  •     We care for your budget and hence provide solutions that are affordable and yet comprehensive


  •     We are ethical players and hence always keep you on the right side of legal and statutory matters


  •     We maintain full confidentiality about what we come about your organization and do not share this information with any third party


  •     We never go beyond the brief and in case there is conflict then we would tell you so


  •     We always care about our clients and hence we seek out ways our clients may benefit through implementing a specific ISO standard


  •    We are flexible to tailor make our services to suit the time, location and people that our clients have


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