ISO Standards Consultancy - Annual Maintenance Contract

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ISO Standards Consultancy - Annual Maintenance

ISO standards' certification requires that every year there would be a surveillance audit and before that there should be at least one internal audit to be performed by the company. For many companies maintaining the management system and completing the mandatory audit becomes very difficult. Also, many companies do not have the required expertise in getting the benefit from the implementation of the requirements.

QM Consultants - Making it easy for you

QM Consultants undertakes an annual maintenance contract by which our experienced consultants shall be at your site at least 8 times a month to complete a set of tasks with your team. These tasks include such important mandates as Internal audits, Closure of Non-Conformities through proper Corrective Actions, Training to the staff, and completing legal compliance evaluation, etc. 

QM Consultants - Why us?

QM Consultants offer a package for ensuring that your company gets the real benefit from implementing ISO standards. Many companies consider ISO as a marketing tool and hence do not have a structure to utilize the inherent strengths of the standards. Through our monthly visits, our consultants not only complete the mandatory steps but also ensure that the management system is on track and the organization is benefiting from it. By using the simple P-D-C-A model, our consultants continually improve your management system.  Hiring us would provide you with;


Experts by your side for a variety of monitoring, controlling, and training activities


Option to keep focusing on many other areas while our experts would cover you fully during audits


Undertake the evaluation of compliance and also update your legal register


Support for training to new joiners on the standards (Awareness Training)


Updated and well-controlled documents of management system including one set of documents saved with us as a business continuity tool

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