Third Party Audit

Service Code : 004


What is Third Party Audits?


The success of every company/ organization depends upon its suppliers or outsourced sub-contractors. Hence it is very important to choose them carefully and then ensure that these suppliers/ sub contractors are evaluated on a regular basis so that there is proper check and balance. Also, QM Consultants provide support to its clients in customer audits/ verification process for mitigating various kinds of risks.


QM Consultants - Making it easy for you


Our expertise in the area of audits can help you in the selection of suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors. Our experts would prepare detail processes, procedures and questionnaire and then visit the supplier/ customer to check the compliance. We have also developed excellent score card to further support you in the decision-making process.


QM Consultants - Why us?


QM Consultants have vast experience in this field. We have participated in hundreds of supplier/ customer audits and inspections by visiting their sites and meticulously evaluating their processes, leadership, resources and commitment and score them against pre-defined benchmark. You will have further advantage due to;


    Impartial assessment


    Detailed reporting with all objective evidences


    Our questionnaires is fully based on QHSE system as a minimum


    Ethical approach 


    Our experts are from various verticals making the assessment highly effective


    Local knowledge


    Methodical approach

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